Using Multiple Desktops for Presentations

Have you ever sat through a presentation, watching the presenter struggle to find the next browser tab, code window, slide deck, etc, to continue the show? Or watch that awkward transition from slides to demos and back? Or the presenter uses Alt-Tab, but has dozens of apps open and strugles to find the right one? I know you have and it might have been one of my sessions! I learned a while back about a technique to make your presentations just flow from one section to the next.

Microsoft 365 Conference 2023

updated from 2022-01-22 I am thrilled to announce I was selected to speak at this year’s Microsoft 365 Conference in Las Vegas on April 30th-May 5. This is always one of the premier conferences, with a large supporting cast from Microsoft and the MVP community. I am really looking forward to connecting with attendees and learning how they are using Microsoft technology to make the world better.

The Thrive Conference 2023

I am so exited to announce that I will be traveling to Slovenia this May as a speaker at the Thrive Conference! I will be presenting a session on “Custom List Formatting.” Thrive is not as well known as some of the bigger conferences in Europe, but it has an amazing reputation for being a smaller conference where interactions with the speakers and sponsors are much easier to arrange.

European Collaboration Summit 2023

Wow! After several attempts, I was finally selected to speak at this year’s European Collaboration Summit (ECS) in Düsseldorf, Germany! This is considered by many to be the premier conference on Microsoft 365 and relate technologies and I have wanted to attend or speak for several years. (Full disclosure, I was selected to co-present in 2021, but Covid-19 caused the conference to be cancelled.) At ECS, I will be presenting a session titled “Simplify SharePoint Development with Containers”.

Join me at 365EduCon-Seattle in May

In just under 2 months (May 9-13, 2022), I have the opportunity to present several sessions the the Microsoft 365 EduCon Conference. I’m really excited to join this conference as we move back to more in-person events. As I have stated many times, I think the real value in conferences is networking at all levels: Business Partners, Speakers, Vendors, as well as fellow professionals and enthusiasts. Content is awesome, but meeting people that you can contact after the conference is key to advancing your skills and professional development.

Join me at M365 Collaboration Conference in June

Conferences are slowing coming back and I am personally looking forward to talking to attendees, sponsors, and speakers in person again. First on the agenda this year is the M365 Collaboration Conference (formally the SharePoint Conference) in Orlando, FL, Jun 8-10. The “big” conference is still scheduled for Las Vegas in December, but this is a hybrid event that promises to be an exciting time as we transition from the virtual world we have lived in for the past year.

Wrap-up: North American Collaboration Summit

There were definitely doubters, but the North American Collaboration Summit has successfully executed the first “hybrid model” conference. And the results were better than any of us imagined. To read a full summary, including lessons learned, from conference organizer Mark Rackley, click here The decision to go Honestly, my beautiful wife, Tracy, and I were excited to just get out of the house and go somewhere. We have tried hard to abide by the recommended protocols of social distancing and protective measures.

UPDATE #3: North American Collaboration Summit

Original post: 2020-01-22 UPDATE-MARCH 30 Due to the global pandemic, NACS has been rescheduled for Sep 28-30, 2020. Click the image above for the latest information UPDATE-AUGUST 14 NACS is officially a go for Sep 28-30, 2020. The event sill be the first hybrid conference! Click the image above for the latest information, including what session(s) I will be presenting! UPDATE-AUGUST 24 The schedule has been published, so I have updated my sessions below.