Renewed - Teams Application Developer Associate Certification

I recently took the certification renewal appraisal and passed! This used to be the certification earned with the passing of MS-600 exam titled “Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services.” The certification was orignially called the “Microsoft 365 Developer Associate” certification, but is now called “Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Application Developer Associate.”

Originally, I heard that recertifications would be via an exam that was just like the original exam, but not as long. Apparently the process has changed since then and the current process is to take a recertification exam, but not like normal certification exams. There was no cost, no time limit, and if you didn’t pass, you could take the exam again. I remember reading that after the 2nd failure, you would need to wait 24 hours before re-attempting the exam.

Fortunately, I passed on the first attempt. I did spend some time working through the MS Learn modules that covered the sections in the new MS-600 exam that had changed since I originally took the exam.

Unfortunately, about a week after I took the exam, Microsoft announced they would be discontinuing the exam. There was no plan listed to replace the exam and it is not clear if the certification is being retired also. (I think it is.) The reason listed was that the exam needed to be split into multiple exams covering specific technologies instead of a single exam that covered technologies that areas many developers are not fluent in. I’ll admit that I have not done a lot of work in solutions for Teams, so I made it through that section by just using the MS Learn modules.

I am not opposed to the new approch, but wish they had a plan for the future before canceling the current certification. On the bright side, I guess I’m a Developer Associate forever! If you are due for a renewal before the exam is cancelled later this year, do it ASAP to ensure you can keep the certification until the next one becomes available.

See ya soon!!!